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Like capitalist consumerism as a whole, the specifically sexual consumerism of the post-1960s sexual revolution gradually enslaves people by producing an increasingly large amount of the same desire that it alone purports to be able to satisfy, yet only satisfying that desire in increasingly diminished proportions. Instead of the straitjacketed view of freedom offered by the sexual revolution, Hayes proposes celibacy as a witness to a genuinely “responsible freedom” in the use of one’s own body and in one’s disposition toward the bodies of others “in today’s world of instant gratification”.

Celibacy and Sexual Capitalism – Aaron Taylor, Ethika Politika


When man viewed himself as generally ignorant of most things from the start, which is true of us all, then knowledge was able to maintain a position of authority and to direct the affairs of men. Once ignorance was forgotten—or denied altogether, particularly in regard to our social consciousness of the fact—the power and influence of knowledge began to evaporate. It began to wane, and has not stopped waning since, and it is reasonable to suggest that it may be ignorance, rather than knowledge, that gives direction to politics, economics, and the sciences of our world today.

Liberalism and the Empowerment of Ignorance – Daniel Schwindt, Ethika Politika


Ko se je Slovenska demokratska stranka odločila za referendum, se je morala zavedati, v kakšnem okolju in kakšnem razpoloženju bo potekal. Zastavlja se vprašanje, ali se je tveganje obrestovalo. Referendum o arhivski noveli se je namreč hočeš nočeš sprevrgel v referendum o politiki ene stranke. Seveda je res, da bi uspeh prinesel mnogo več, kot bo neuspeh odnesel, a vendar. Če nič drugega, je v veliki meri zbledel psihološki učinek zmage na volitvah v Evropski parlament. Razen tega se je najkasneje včeraj izkazalo, da so nepovratno del preteklosti časi, ko so se Janševi s svojimi referendumskimi pobudami sprehajali do zmag, tudi z bistveno več kot dvajsetimi odstotki glasov volilnih upravičencev.

Nepotrebna anketa – Aleš Maver, Časnik


V jedru skupnega paradigmatskega okvira obeh narativov je tranzicija. Prvi narativ pravi, da ni bila niti potrebna, drugi, da ni uspela. In spusti samokritiko, da tranzicija desnici ni uspela. Premik paradigme slovenskega političnega razmišljanja bi bil premik stran od koncepta tranzicije. Bi bilo priznanje, da je tranzicija končana. Kakor pač že. Konec koncev so to zelo jasno povedali državljani, ki so s skorajda severnokorejsko večino prešpricali referendum o arhivih. Ki je bil referendum tranzicijske paradigme per-excellence.



The progressive spirit came down upon the cities, bulldozing communities weak in the measurables of the moment, but strong in social solidarity and common support. It subsidized interstate systems and street grids that were placed in the hands of planners and engineers who would work with singular purpose to maximize car flow, without a thought given to community cohesion. The postwar explosion in building was dominated by a misunderstanding of human life manifested in suburban sprawl-friendly federal policy and local zoning codes alike. Their legacy has been a country largely built for a prosperous people seeking to purchase entertainment within the privacy of their own homes and backyards, not in town commons or on front porches.

Reform Conservativism Needs Place – Jonathan Coppage, The American Conservative



It’s not just the homeless who are targeted. “Those impacted are usually homeless people, teenagers, the poor, those who are marginalised or don’t have good social representation, or who aren’t organised as an interest group,” says Selena Savic, one of the editors of the book Unpleasant Design. The most egregious anti-teenage-loitering device is the Mosquito Alarm, which emits an unpleasant sound that many older people can’t hear. Aldi are one supermarket company that uses such devices. An Aldi spokesperson said: “These alarms are in place to prevent antisocial behaviour taking place near the store, prevent damage to the building and promote a safe shopping and working environment for customers and staff.”

Anti-homeless spikes are just the latest in ‘defensive urban architecture’ – Maryam Omidi, The Guardian


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