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And yet, since Rivlin was elected President, in June, he has become Israel’s most unlikely moralist. Rivlin—not a left-wing writer from Tel Aviv, not an idealistic justice of the Supreme Court—has emerged as the most prominent critic of racist rhetoric, jingoism, fundamentalism, and sectarian violence, the highest-ranking advocate among Jewish Israelis for the civil rights of the Palestinians both in Israel and in the occupied territories. Last month, he told an academic conference in Jerusalem, “It is time to honestly admit that Israel is sick, and it is our duty to treat this illness.”

Around Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Rivlin made a video in which he sat next to an eleven-year-old Palestinian Israeli boy from Jaffa who had been bullied: the two held up cards to the camera calling for empathy, decency, and harmony. “We are exactly the same,” one pair read. A couple of weeks ago, Rivlin visited the Arab town of Kafr Qasim to apologize for the massacre, in 1956, of forty-eight Palestinian workers and children by Israeli border guards. No small part of the Palestinian claim is that Israel must take responsibility for the Arab suffering it has caused. Rivlin said, “I hereby swear, in my name and that of all our descendants, that we will never act against the principle of equal rights, and we will never try and force someone from our land.”

Israel’s One-State Reality – David Remnick, The New Yorker


Zaradi ljubega kulturniškega miru se denar deli po načelu vsakemu malo in tako ni več ustanove, ki bi se lahko ponašala z vsebinskimi presežki, saj so ti v veliki meri odvisni tudi od denarja. Galerije in muzeji tako nimajo dovolj denarja za odkupe dragih del, ne gostijo velikih razstav iz tujine, slabša je ponudba na glasbenih in gledaliških odrih.

Ali konkretneje: ali Slovenci potrebujemo 167 muzejev, galerij in razstavišč, večinoma javnih, od katerih jih je zgolj likovni umetnosti namenjenih 72? Če nanje gledamo kot na stabilno zaposlitveno oazo, jih potrebujemo, iz zornih kotov zanimanja javnosti, pomena za družbo in gospodarnosti pa niti ne.

Ali Slovenci potrebujemo 167 muzejev, galerij in razstavišč – Jožica Grgič, Delo


Medijske hiše so okužene s paraziti, ki se igrajo novinarje, so za to dobro plačani, njihov izplen pa bi bil na trgu — kjer vsi mediji z izjemo RTV Slovenija tudi so — tako mizeren, da bi jim še iz Ajpesa in Dursa stisnili focen. Verjamem, da so si številni z delom v preteklosti (ko pa vsekakor niso bili v takšni poziciji, kot smo sedaj mi) zaslužili svoje pozicije, vendar kako lahko sobiva v idiotski simbiozi delavcev neko podjetje, kjer nekateri uživajo vse pravice, ki pa so nedosegljivi privilegiji v očeh tistih, ki jih ne samo, da ne nimajo, temveč zanje še plačujejo?!?!?!

Sam še vedno verjamem v moč novinarstva, v dobre novinarje in dobre zgodbe. Verjamem, da se bodo na internetu nekateri znali prilagoditi. Če bi Guardian, ki ima z brezplačnim dostopom več bralcev kot plačljivi New York Times na spletu (pa je Anglija, koliko, petkrat manjša od ZDA?), danes zakasiral svojim bralcem vsebino, v katero toliko vlagajo, bi zlahka preživel (kot bi tudi YouTube).

Problem nastane, ko v zgodbe, novinarje in novinarsto ne verjamejo več sodelavci in ustvarijo delovno okolje, v kateri so najbolj brani in najbolj spoštovani novinarji katalizator favšije. Od bralcev pa prav ti, ki šimfajo in so favš, ne bi mogli biti dlje. Dol jim visi zanje.

Zbogom, tipkovnica – Jaša Lorenčič


As the world marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was hard to sit here in Hungary and celebrate the end of Soviet-style communism. Looking at the actions of the Fidesz Government, it feels more like we are caught in a retro nightmare, and the whole system, or something like it, is starting up again.

The parallels to old-style communism are everywhere:

• the effort to control the media, which began as soon as Fidesz took power in 2010;
• the reduction of seats in Parliament and redrawing of voting districts in an attempt to ensure one-party rule;
• the special taxes on banks, telecoms, the media – businesses making what government officials bizarrely describe as an “unfair” profit;
• the nationalization of industries;
• the love affair with Moscow and criticism of Western Europe and America;
• the questioning of capitalism without proposing any reasonable alternative.

Along with all these maneuvers, there is also an apparent effort to create a new proletariat, a hard-working, underpaid underclass of people who must learn to enjoy Hungary, because they cannot afford to leave it.

Communism Is Dead, but Its Spirit Lives – Tom Popper, Budapest Business Journal


Letting kids who are behavior problems in schools grow up to become hoodlums and then criminals is no favor to them or to the black community. Moreover, it takes no more than a small fraction of troublemakers in a class to make it impossible to give that class a decent education. And for many poor people, whether black or white, education is their one big chance to escape poverty.

The people in the Obama administration who are pushing this counterproductive policy are not stupid. They are political, which is worse. They know what they are doing and they are willing to sacrifice young blacks to do it.

Racial Quota Punishment – Thomas Sowell, Townhall.com


Obstaja samo en nagon, ki ga je težje zatreti kot seksualnega: in to je nagon, da bi izpadli pametni.

Ni neverjetno, da so vsi hoteli videti ta video. Čudno bi bilo, če ga ne bi. Sex sells. Videli so ga tudi ljudje, ki jim sicer ne pride na misel, da bi gledali porniče, vendar so posnetek dojeli kot dokumentarec in s tem legitimirali svojo radovednost. Tudi prav.

Kar je zares neverjetno, so iz tega izpeljane intelektualne in moralne implikacije.

Najprej so bili tu skratka tisti, ki so v posnetku videli dokumentarno vrednost in iz njega polizali nekaj zimzelenih modrosti o katastrofalnem stanju v slovenskem šolstvu.

Ni perverzno seksati v šoli. Ni perverzno gledati seks v šoli. Ni perverzno skrivaj snemati seks v šoli. Perverzno je gledati seks v šoli in govoriti o šolstvu.

Seks v šoli – Marko Crnkovič, Primorske novice


What it also proved is that elements of the Left are working hard to define new parameters for freedom of speech. You are free to speak so long as it doesn’t offend certain sensibilities, which of course amounts to no real freedom at all. I’m reminded of the old Puritan ethic that a human being had liberty only in so far as that liberty led them to salvation. Any practice of liberty that led away from God represented slavery to lies and was thus outlawed – for the good of the so-called sinner. Many on the Left imitate the very authoritarian mindset of the people on the religious Right that they claim to hate, likewise trying to safeguard their definition of freedom by eradicating contrary ideas. On the subject of abortion, the Left can enjoy that authoritarianism because contemporary society broadly agrees with them. But a day will come when they try to argue for something that proves unpopular and they, too, will be gagged. And I’ll be there to defend their right to say something that I disagree with.

Because the older you get the more you realise that just as important as your beliefs are your freedom to articulate them without fear. I guess maturity makes wet liberals of us all.

Oxford students shut down abortion debate. Free speech is under assault on campus – Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph 


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